Silo Modular Heavy Duty

El Silo Modular de BM es la opción perfecta para el almacenamiento a granel de cereales, granulados, harinas, pellets y más.

Medidas (mm) Altura (m)
Volumen (m3) Metro de carga Horas de instalación
de referencia
para 2 personas*
2700 x 2700 2.56 - 8.86 4.21 - 42.01 2.70 7 - 24
3000 x 3000 3.31 - 14.13 8.06 - 85.06 3.20 7 - 36.5
* Información adicional sobre horas de instalación de referencia 


The 60⁰ cone is without inner stiffeners, easy to assembly and provide the optimum discharge of the silo.
 Galvanised sections (Z275) provide long-life durability, ensuring good internal hygiene and optimum silo discharge. The panels can resist high-pressure cleaning.
The modular system is flexible, providing various combinations and the sections are ready for easy on-site assembly. Installation in existing buildings is easy, as all silo parts can pass through a standard doorway.
Injection unit complete with connection flange, piping, filter box and filter bag can be supplied with the silo or easily fitted later.
The hopper cone is standard available with an angle of 60°, which is the perfect choice for materials as mixed feed and soybean meal. The discharge flange is 500x500 mm and have two shut-off slides measuring 250x500mm. The hopper can also be delivered in 45° on request.
Standard equipment offers an inspection hatch with window, a manually operated shut-off slide and a steel cover.
 Optional equipment as reinforced cover, guardrails, level sensors, load cells with display, vibrators and connecting pieces for augers and feed system inlets can be delivered.


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